For your portion you can choose products from various cuts of meat (chuck, round, sirloin, etc).  In addition, you also get 37 lbs. of ground chuck products (ground beef, burgers, brats, hot dogs, etc.).  You can take the assigned quantities for each cut, or, if you don't want a particular cut, you may have that meat added into your ground chuck product quantity at the end.  Once you fill out the cutting form, please total up the number of lbs. of ground chuck from each section and then tell us how you want to use it in the last section of the form.  

For example, the first cut is for chuck roasts. They are 3 lbs. each and you can get 4 of them for a total of 12 lbs. of chuck meat.  If you don't want any chuck roasts, you can get twelve 1-lb. packages of stew meat instead.  If you don't want either of those, you can opt to get twelve additional lbs. of ground chuck.  So then your ground product would be 37 (the base amount) + 12 (from the chuck roasts) = 49 lbs. You need to go through this for each cut listed and keep track of your ground chuck total as you go.

For some cuts you can also mix & match products as long as it adds up to the proper total lbs.  For instance, you can take 2 chuck roasts (2 x 3 lbs. ea. = 6 lbs.) + 2 packages of stew meat (2 lbs.) + 4 lbs. added to the ground chuck product total. When this option is available we have a box for you to tell us how to split up the cut.  

I hope that makes sense!  Don't worry...if your numbers are off we will touch base with you before the orders are submitted!  Feel free to call us if you have any questions!

Chuck Roasts - 4 roasts (approx. 3 lbs. each)
- 4 chuck roasts
- 12 1-lb. packages of stew meat
- add 12 lbs. of ground chuck to your ground total below.
- split up the meat between these 3 options (please tell us how in the notes)

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Step 2: Chuck Roasts

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