This product is for one HALF of a cow.  Approximately 185 lbs of meat in your freezer.  After you choose the size order you want, you will need to fill out cutting instructions and choose which cuts of meat you do and don't want (chuck, round, sirloin, roasts, steaks, etc). You will also get a base amount of ground chuck products.

If you don't want a particular cut (for instance, arm roasts), you can have that meat ground, giving you additional ground chuck products at the end. Ground chuck products can be taken as 1 lb tubes of ground chuck, burgers, brats, hot dogs, and more.  All the details for cuts are on the cutting instructions page for the size you choose.

If you would like to proceed with ordering one quarter of a cow, Fill out all the options on the side and then click Add to Cart.

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Half Cow

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